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Building Rules & Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations, subject to the lease agreements, shall apply to the Premises, the Building, the Project, and the appurtenances thereto:

  1. Tenant will refer to Landlord, for Landlord’s supervision, prior written approval and control, all contractors, contractors’ representatives and installation technicians rendering any service to or for Tenant before performance of any contractual service. This provision shall apply to all work performed in the Building including installations of telephones, data and communications equipment, cabling and facilities, electrical devices and attachments, and installations of any nature affecting doors, walls, woodwork, trim, windows, ceilings, equipment or any other physical portion of Building.
  2. No additional locks or bolts of any kind shall be placed upon any of the doors or windows by any Tenant nor shall any changes be made in existing locks or the mechanism thereof without consulting the Landlord and obtaining Landlord’s prior written approval. A reasonable number of keys or access cards to the Premises and to the toilet rooms if locked by Landlord will be furnished by Landlord, and Tenant shall not have any duplicate key or card made. At the termination of this tenancy Tenant shall promptly return to Landlord all keys and access cards to the Premises and toilet rooms. If required by Landlord, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a reasonable sum determined by Landlord to issue and/or insure return of such keys and cards. Any refundable deposit will be refunded when the keys and cards are returned.
  3. Movement in or out of the Building of furniture or office equipment, or dispatch or receipt by Tenant of any merchandise or materials which require use of stairways, elevators or movement through the Building entrance or lobby shall be restricted to hours designated by Landlord. All such movement shall be under supervision of Landlord and in the manner agreed between Tenant and Landlord by pre-arrangement before performance. Such pre-arrangement initiated by Tenant will include determination by Landlord and subject to its decision and control, as to the concerns which may prohibit any article, equipment or other item from being brought into the Building. Tenant is to assume all risk as to damage to articles moved and injury to persons or public engaged or not engaged in such movement, including equipment, property, and personnel of Landlord if damaged or injured as a result of acts in connection with carrying out this service for Tenant from time of entering the Building to completion of work; and Landlord shall not be liable for acts of any person engaged in, or any damage or loss to any of said property or persons resulting from, any act in connection with such service performed for Tenant. Any hand trucks, carryalls or similar appliances used for the delivery or receipt of merchandise or equipment shall be equipped with rubber tires, side guards and such other safeguards as Landlord shall reasonably require.
  4. No signs, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on or to any windows or doors, or other parts of the Building, except of such color, size and style and in such places, as shall be first approved in writing by Landlord. No nails, hooks or screws shall be driven or inserted in any part of the Building, except by the Building maintenance personnel, nor shall any part be defaced by Tenant.
  5. Tenant shall not place, install or operate on the Premises or in part of the Building, any engine, refrigerating (other than a office-type kitchen refrigerator), heating or air conditioning apparatus, stove or machinery, or conduct mechanical operations or cook thereon or therein, or place in or about the Premises any explosives, gasoline, kerosene, oil, acids, caustics or any other inflammable, explosives, hazardous or odorous material without the prior written consent of Landlord. No portion of the Premises shall at any time be used for cooking, sleeping or lodging quarters. In the event Tenant requires the disposal of foodstuffs, edible matter, or any materials attractive to rats or other vermin, Tenant shall provide at its sole cost and expense a vermin-proof receptacle for the disposal of such materials, and take active measure to control vermin. No Tenant shall cause or permit any unusual or objectionable odors to be produced upon or permeate from the Premises.
  6. Landlord will not be responsible for lost or stolen property, equipment, money or jewelry from Tenant’s Premises, or common or public rooms or areas, regardless of whether such loss occurs when the area is locked against entry or not.
  7. No birds or pets other than service animals shall be brought into or kept in or about the Building.
  8. Bicycles, roller blades and other vehicles are not permitted inside the Building or on the walkways outside the Building.
  9. Employees of Landlord shall not receive or carry messages or deliveries for or to Tenant or other person, nor contract with or render free or paid services to Tenant or Tenant’s agents, employees, or invitees.
  10. The entries, passages, doors, elevators and elevator doors, hallways or stairways shall not be blocked or obstructed by Tenant; no rubbish, litter, trash, or material of any nature shall be placed, emptied or thrown by Tenant into these areas, and such areas shall not be used at any time except for ingress or egress by Tenant, Tenant’s agents, employees or invitees to or from the Premises. All trash shall be placed in receptacles provided by Tenant on the Premises or in any receptacles provided by Landlord for the Building.
  11. Plumbing fixtures and appliances shall be used only for purposes for which constructed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or placed therein. Damage resulting to any such fixtures or appliances from misuse by Tenant, its employees, contractors, agents, visitors or licensees shall be paid by Tenant, and Landlord shall not in any case be responsible therefore.
  12. Tenant shall give immediate notice to the Building manager in case of water leaks or water damage in the Premises or in the common areas, accidents in the Premises or in the common areas or of defects therein or in any fixtures or equipment, or of any known emergency in the Building.
  13. Tenant shall not make, or permit to be made, any unseemly or disturbing noises, interfere with occupants of the Building or neighboring buildings or premises, or those having business with them, whether by the use of any musical instrument, radio, talking machine, unmusical noise, whistling, singing, or in any other way.
  14. No safes or other objects, larger or heavier than the Building is limited to carry as determined by Landlord, shall be brought into or installed on the Premises. Landlord shall have the power to prescribe the weight and position of such safes or other objects which shall, if considered necessary by the Landlord, be required to be supported by such additional materials placed on the floor as the Landlord may direct, and at the expense of the Tenant. Tenant shall pay the fees of the structural engineer of the Building if structural engineering advice is necessary in planning the positioning of heavy loads. Business machines and mechanical equipment shall be placed and maintained by Tenant at Tenant’s expense in settings sufficient to absorb and prevent vibration, noise and annoyance.
  15. Landlord shall have no obligation to repair, restretch, or replace carpeting, but will vacuum carpeting as part of any janitorial services required to be furnished by Landlord under the Lease. During the entire term of the Lease, Tenant shall, at its expense, install and maintain under all caster chairs a chair pad or carpet casters to protect the carpeting.
  16. Names to be placed on or removed from directories should be furnished to the manager in writing on Tenant’s letterhead. All directory strips will be at the expense of the Tenant. Landlord will determine size and uniformity of strips.
  17. Tenant shall see that doors of the Premises are closed and securely locked before leaving the Building and must observe strict care not to leave such doors open. Tenant shall exercise extraordinary care and caution that all water faucets or water apparatus are entirely shut off before the Tenant or the Tenant’s employees leave the Building, and that all electricity, gas and air conditioning shall likewise be carefully shut off, so as to prevent waste or damage, where controlled by Tenant.
  18. Janitorial services shall be provided five days per week in and about the Premises, and in no case shall such services be provided on Saturdays, Sundays and Building holidays. Tenants shall not cause unnecessary labor by reason of carelessness or indifference in the preservation of good order and cleanliness. The work of the janitor or cleaning personnel shall not be hindered by Tenant after 6:00 p.m., and any such work may be done at any time when the offices are vacant. The windows, doors and fixtures may be cleaned at any time without interruption of purpose for which the Premises are let. Tenant shall provide adequate waste and rubbish receptacles, cabinets, bookcases, map cases, etc. necessary to prevent unreasonable hardship to Landlord in discharging its obligation regarding cleaning service. Boxes should be broken down to fit into containers.
  19. Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in the Building are prohibited. Tenant shall cooperate to prevent the same.
  20. Except as approved by Landlord in writing, Tenant shall not mark upon, paint signs upon, cut, drill into, drive nails or screws into, or in any way deface the walls, ceilings, partitions or floors of the Premises or of the Building, and any defacement, damage or injury caused by Tenant shall be paid for by Tenant. All nail holes are to be patched and repaired in Tenant’s suite by Tenant upon vacating Premises.
  21. All holiday decorations and other temporary or special decorations must be flame-retardant. No live Christmas trees or candles are to be used throughout the Building. No decorations should be hung on the exterior windows or on exterior suite doors.
  22. No person shall smoke any tobacco or other smoking product within the Premises or the Building. Tenant shall not permit any customer, patron, invitee, employee, officer, director or partner of Tenant to smoke within the Premises or the Building.
  23. No window shades, blinds, screens or draperies shall be attached or detached by Tenant and no awnings shall be placed over the windows without Landlord’s prior written approval. Tenant agrees to abide by Landlord’s rules with respect to maintaining uniform blinds at all windows and hallways so that the Building will present a uniform exterior appearance. Tenant will use its best efforts to have all blinds closed at the end of each day in order to help conserve energy.
  24. If any portion of the Premises is used for storage and such area is visible from outside of the Premises, Tenant shall screen such area from public view by use of appropriate window coverings satisfactory to Landlord.
  25. Tenant shall participate in all fire and other life safety evacuation drills, training exercises and similar activities for the Building. Tenant shall post in the Premises all signs and notices, if any, furnished by Landlord with respect to evacuation and similar procedures. Tenant shall keep Landlord advised of the current telephone numbers of Tenant’s employees who may be contacted in an emergency; i.e., fire, break in, vandalism, etc.
  26. No aerial, satellite dish or other item shall be erected on the roof or exterior walls of the Premises or Building, without in each instance, the prior written approval of Landlord. Any item so installed without such prior written approval shall be subject to removal without notice at the expense of Tenant.
  27. The normal business hours of the Building shall be from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 to 1:00pm of each week, excluding holidays observed by the Building. Landlord shall have the right, but not the obligation, to change the normal business hours of the Building from time to time to conform to any different hours determined by Landlord to be typically observed by first class office buildings in Los Angeles, California.

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